03 March 2013

Maria Emília N. de Sousa

Months ago, in a interview for the public television RTP, António Lobo Antunes - quoting the great author Miguel Torga - said that "every now and then God creates a man by His own measures". I gave up politics a long time ago but I have to say that today, while aleatorily watching the program "Portugal Português", on the Portuguese private television network TVI, where this lady was being interviewed, I had to realize that God doens't only makes a good job creating some great men, but does it so also with women. Today, in the afternoon, I felt really proud of being Portuguese.
It's so sad that these kind of people never end up ruling nations. What a great leaders they could be. And what a great world we would live in.
Maria Emília Neto de Sousa, the Mayor of Almada, interviewed by Paula Magalhães regarding the ludicrous idea, from the central government of this country "by the sea-side planted", for building a mega container terminal in Trafaria, along the South margin of the river Tagus, thus destroying the delicate ecosystem of the area and endangering a nearly thirty years social project of sustained development, a common and long-lasting struggle of all the Almada inhabitants. And all that in the name of "progress". Really?

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