11 May 2011

Pico Ruívo mountain hut in snowy conditions

I have a fellow mate at work that says that a walk to Pico Ruívo, the highest peak in Madeira, is his shrink. I couldn't agree more, since that short walk (about half n hour from the Achada do Teixeira car parking) can be so invigorating to your mind and body. The sheer sense of enjoying a walk above the clouds, leading to an almost 2000 meters peak from where you can see the all island and the sea surrounding it is really quite amazing. Surprisingly, this past Winter was a little bit cold and the mountain tops were covered in white blankets for several times. Since it's such an unusual phenomena, and regardless the fact that we are already in mid-Spring, I leave you this curious picture of the Pico Ruívo mountain hut, located 200 meters below the peak and on its northern slope, covered with snow.