08 January 2012

Chestnut tree and Pico Grande at evening time

Chestnut trees are quite common in Madeira. In particular, the months of November and December (when chestnuts are mature and ready to crop) witness several parties all over the island where this fruit is king. Following the general Portuguese tradition, chestnuts are either roasted or cooked/boiled with a mix of spices and sweet herbs. They are also included in the Portuguese culinary in several meals. Particularly meat ones. Also edible in raw condition.
The chestnut tree in the picture grew up in Boca da Corrida-Pico Grande-Encumeada trail and, sadly, was also destroyed in the 2010 Summer forest fire.
Picture taken with Nikon FM10 body and cheap Nikkor (Cosina?) 35-70mm f:3.5-4.8 kit lens.
Fujichrome Velvia ASA50, scanned in Nikon Coolscan V ED