07 March 2012

M/T Madeiro in Caniçal

The M/T Madeiro was among us during these past couple of days, discharging in the CLCM terminal the fuels we so much need. While waiting in the bridge for the paperwork to be finished, I chilled out reading the May 2011 issue of the Mare World, the magazine of the Mare Maritime, shipowner of  M/T Madeiro. "Energy Alternative Sources" was the article that caught my eye. And it is somewhat strangely ironic that a company devoted to the transportation of fossil fuels is already looking in the future. To the disappearing of the core business of an entire global industry. Nothing against it. By anticipating those days, they will be better prepared to face the music when things change. And they will. It's no longer a matter of "if", but "when".
The article itself, written simple and concise, was enlightening to me. Particularly because I'm a complete ignorant in energy matters.
However, as serious as the subject is, I couldn't help laughing while seeing this model of a Chevrolet for the year 2050.
Could this be our common destination?
Mare World magazine - May 2011
Partial scan of the page 18
Article "Energy Alternative Sources"
Canon Canoscan N676U flat scanner