01 April 2012

Our new toy

The two new Pilot boats we were expecting finally arrived. They should replace both existing Pilot boats, Cte Valério de Andrade and Cte Cristiano de Sousa, on service in Funchal and Caniçal. These new buildings are Portuguese constructions from Peniche and, so far, are surprising all of us by the positive side. During the present Sunday, I've been using one of them (the "Ilhéu do Lido") for our daily manoeuvres, in a day that started around 0800 with the berthing of the cruise ship Kristina Katarina and finished with the departure of the same one and the arrival of the Aida Sol.
The Kristina Katarina alongside in Pontinha, Funchal. A former Russian ferry, the ship now operates under Finnish flag and is a living example of the soviet merchant marine constructions of the Cold War Era, during witch the vessels had to serve a dual purpose: working in peace time and at war. For that matter, the vessel is spartan in terms of operation and the bridge is very simple, relying mostly on outdated technical systems that are, nevertheless, fully reliable when facing magnetic or electrical anomalies, consequence of nuclear explosions.

Pilot Card:
Ships name: Kristina Katarina
IMO number: 7625811
Type: Cruise vessel
LOA: 137.10 mts
Beam: 21.00 mts
Summer displacement: 9901 t
Max draft on manoeuvre: 5.90 mts
Propulsion: Two engines - two fixed propellers - Gearbox
Pitch: N/A
Rudder: 2 - Semi-balanced
Bow thruster: 600 Kw
Stern Thruster: 300 Kw

Our new Pilot boat, the "Ilhéu do Lido":

And another photo of her:

General characteristics:
Name: Ilhéu do Lido
LOA: 12.52 mts
Breath: 4.10 mts
Draft: 0.85 mts
Propulsion: 2 IVECO N67 350 HP 3000rpm, 2 fixed propellers
Max. speed: 24 kts
Service speed: 20 kts
Crew: 2 (Pilot boat master and motorman)
Passengers: 4