26 June 2012

Curral das Freiras at evening time

A couple of years ago, while returning from a hike to Pico Grande, I waited a moment at the car parking of Boca da Corrida while the sunset light was making its magic. Sadly, I wasn't so lucky. The atmosphere was clear and not a single cloud in the sky. So, I had to forget the idea of dramatic light over the surrounding landscape. However, since I was in one of the most vertiginous belvederes in Madeira and facing her most profound valley, I waited a little bit longer for the best equilibrium between shadow and highlights. Since I've forgotten my neutral density degradées at home, the perfect exposure was an idea to forget. Therefore I metered to the blue sky, hoping that the artificial lights of the village bellow made its contribution to avoid a complete blackness on the lower half of the composition.
Bracketed a few shots.
This one seemed to be the best.
Picture taken with Nikon D40X and cheap Nikkor DX 18-55mm f/1:3.5-5.6G AF-S VR kit lens.
Original file in RAW format converted for JPEG.
Post-processing and minor corrections with Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Manfrotto tripod and ball-head.