02 January 2013

Volcanic heaven

Although the Madeira archipelago is no longer volcanically active, it's telluric origins are no surprise to those who visit this, presently, calm and sub-tropical paradise.
In fact, the old age of the islands, associated with the dramatic erosion forces of nature, shaped the islands in a way that is now difficult to find a large geological accident stating its origins, like a common volcanic cone or crater.
However, there are still a few curious examples all over the island reminding us of those violent birth days, some five million years ago, such as the S. Vicente lava tunnels.
The area where these formations (unique in the archipelago, as far as we know) are located is now an interpretation center and allow us a visually staggering and sensory voyage to the inners of the Earth.
Experiencing a sensory voyage to the Earth's core, on the Volcanism Center of S. Vicente.
JPEG Picture taken with Nikon Coolpix P7100, in the High-ISO  (12800)- Low Light Mode and post-processed in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0.

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