17 February 2013

Casa das Mudas - Calheta

Casa das Mudas, in Calheta, is one of the most handsome cultural centers existing in Portugal. Sadly, its location, about 40 kms away from the main city Funchal, does not really help to attract visitors. On the other hand, we can always say that the few that appear are the good ones ;-). And for them, the people that enjoy cultural atmospheres or just a coffee at sunset with a magnificent natural scenario and a fabulous architecture, this is the right place to be.
From the few exhibitions that I had the pleasure to see in Casa das Mudas, Man Ray's was, by a fair margin, the best and most frequented.
On the opposite side, my latest visit was some weeks ago, with two friends, to watch the projection of Leo McCarey's Love Affair (the 30's version, with Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne), a session inserted in a much bigger cinema retrospective of movies partly or totally made in Madeira. If my memory doesn't fail me we were six persons on the theatre. But it was fun anyway.

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