23 March 2013

A cheap Swiss Made Invicta watch

A Swiss Made Invicta watch for only 100 pounds? As soon as I layed my eyes on it, I had to have it. And so far... I'm really enjoying it.
The model in question is the Invicta Pro Diver GMT, with the brand model nº 5125. It's a GMT watch, with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement. That's probably the reason why Invicta places on the dial the elitist "Swiss Made" words. Could it be assembled somewhere else, or is it a true Swiss made watch? That's probably a question only Invicta can answer.
According to the Invicta web site, these are the characteristics of this lovely watch:

Invicta Pro Diver GMT
Components: Swiss Quartz
Maker: Ronda
Caliper: 515.24H
Screw down crown
Flame fusion crystal

The smooth unidirectional bezel, rotating counter clockwise, is numbered from 2 to 24, allowing to a thirth time zone to be read.
The screw down crown with the already famous diving helmet engraved, and the words "Master Of The Oceans" engraved on the case.
The fabulous clasp, identical to the one on the Invicta Grand Diver. A model with whom this watch has several similitudes. It is, nevertheless a smaller and therefore more usable (portable?) watch.
The clasp lock with the Invicta logo engraved. It closes by pressure, with an additional security lock. It works.
The case back, with some nice engraving detailing several characteristics of the watch.
"Swiss Made", the magic words that normally mean a heavy price tag. This was not the case here, since this watch is on sale on the Amazon.co.uk by a mere 92 Pounds. A nice review, made by Jon Trey, from this watch is placed here, on the BDWF.net. Since the reviews of this particular model are so scarce, I leave the link to this one here. One of the very few.

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