03 May 2014

Full moon fever

The visible face of the full moon as seen and photographed from my hometown of Caniço, near sea level, about two weeks ago. Visible on the lower right part of the picture is the massive impact crater Tycho, with its distinctive ray system, forming long spokes that reach as much as 1500kms from the impact centre.
This is, nevertheless, and regardless the long focal length, an extremely cropped image and the result is somehow soft, meaning, probably, that the resolving power of the lenses is nowhere near on par with the sensor's definition.
Picture taken with a Nikon D300 and  Sigma EX 70-200mm f/2.8D APO coupled with a Sigma APO 2x EX DG teleconverter, giving a useful focal lenght of 600mm, at f/5.6 (max.). Image parameters: 1/250 at f/8, ISO 800.